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We offer a variety of high quality engineering grade materials and focus on the finest details.

Maximum enclosed build space: 15 ¾" cubed : (400mm3) for any single component of an assembly.


Security is our highest priority:

  • Our print farm is internally monitored by AI without outside connections or services.
  • Customer 3D models are stored on disconnected isolated media.
  • The AptusWorks network is secured with an enterprise level Unified Threat Management server monitoring all traffic.
  • No credit cards or banking information is stored on our systems.
  • Only USA based computers can access our website.

An NDA is not necessary to do business with AptusWorks. Your upload is protected by confidentiality obligations.


Invoices are provided by SQUARE.

Paypal is available on request.

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Additive Manufacturing

Click the download icon: right below "SKU:" to download our Quote Request form. Follow the instructions on the form to get started today!